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Your passport to purposeful living

At LifeGroup, we’re excited to introduce the LifePass, your gateway to seamless navigation across our dynamic ecosystem of interconnected platforms, including LifeJobs, LifeSkool, and LifeDeals. Imagine having one powerful account to unlock your full potential, simplify your online experiences, and elevate your journey towards a more purposeful life.

Sign-up or login with LifePass
Sign-up or login with LifePass
Sign-up or login with LifePass

Key features

  1. Single Sign-On (SSO): Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple logins. With your LifePass, access all the websites within LifeGroup with just one set of credentials. A unified login experience that’s as convenient as it is secure.
  2. Holistic integration: Your LifePass unites your personal and professional aspirations under one digital roof. Effortlessly transition between exploring exciting job opportunities, finding your dream home, and enriching your skills and knowledge.
  3. Loyalty points – LifePoints: As a token of appreciation for your commitment to growth, we introduce LifePoints – our loyalty rewards system. Every interaction within our ecosystem brings you closer to exclusive rewards, discounts, and experiences. Shop, learn, connect, and earn LifePoints along the way.
Sign-up or login with LifePass

Why choose LifePass?

  1. Simplicity: Streamline your online presence by managing all your LifeGroup activities with a single set of credentials.
  2. Efficiency: Easily switch between subsidiary platforms without the need to remember multiple logins.
  3. Seamless experience: Explore various aspects of your life journey without missing a beat, all within a cohesive ecosystem.
  4. Rewarding journey: With LifePoints, your interactions within LifeGroup and its subsidiaries become opportunities to earn and enjoy exciting benefits.
Sign-up or login with LifePass
Sign-up or login with LifePass
Sign-up or login with LifePass

How it works

  1. Sign up: Create your LifePass with a few simple steps.
  2. Explore: Dive into LifeSkool, LifeDeals and other LifeGroup brands with the same credentials.
  3. Earn LifePoints: Engage with our ecosystem to accumulate LifePoints.
  4. Redeem rewards: Exchange your LifePoints for exclusive rewards and perks.
Sign-up or login with LifePass

Join LifeGroup today and unleash your potential!

Embrace the power of unity, the convenience of single sign-on, and the excitement of a rewards-driven journey. Create your LifePass now and embark on a purposeful path where every step is a rewarding adventure.

Are you ready to make your life more meaningful? Sign-up or login with LifePass